King Pong - New Ultimate Drinking Game

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Kings Cup and Beer Pong had a baby…well we have…and so it is with great pleasure (no pun intended) that we present to you - King Pong. The illegitimate love child.


Wow I hear you saying, how would that even work, how do I play this awesome creation. Read on and all will be revealed;


You will require;

  • 2x Cups (quarter full with beer…or more if you dare)

  • Pong Balls

  • Table of some description

  • 1x Official deck of Kings Cup Cards

  • 2x Side drink of your choice.

Set the table up as you would for a normal game of Beer Pong. 6 cups in a pyramid at each end of the table, the only difference being you need to take 6 random cards from a shuffled deck of Kings Cup cards (without looking at what they are I might add) and place a card face down under each cup. Do this for each end of the table and ensure you remove the 4 Kings from the pre-shuffled deck prior to drawing your 6 random cards.

Now you can commence! Simply play Beer Pong as you normally would. The only difference now is whenever you land a cup your opposition has to drink their beer and then pick up the card…this is where your side drink comes into play as any consumption caused from the Kings Cup card is to be consumed from the respective side drink!

When each player picks up a King Cup card they must declare it straight away to the opposition and spectators. The game is inclusive of everyone so if you have 4 players and 6 spectators and someone turns over a 7 HEAVEN then the last person to point to the sky must consume!

Now….some options to spice things up….if you were to include a few Jack Cards in the ‘random - not so random’ selection then this would add some flavour to the game. For those that are not in the know, a Jack allows the person who picked that card to make a rule of their choosing. An example of this would be ‘every pong ball that is sunk dictates that the spectators must do 10 push ups and a shot, or play rock paper scissors with the looser drinking, or perhaps remove an item of clothing…although this rule might best be saved for a ‘select’ spectator group ?

Want to give this a try and really spice up your pre-drinking….head to and BUY NOW!!!!!

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