New Rules to Try with Kings Cup Drinking Game

Kings Cup is a popular drinking game, but many people actually create their own rules for this game. Here is a look at some of these rules that you can try at your next party.

Common Kings Cup Rules:

2 – You. Pick someone to drink

3 - Me. Cardholder drinks

4 – Ladies drink

5 – Rhymes. Cardholder begins a phase and then everyone else in turns makes a sentence that rhymes off the original. The person to get it wrong drinks.

6 – Men drink

7 – Thumb master. The thumb master stays as such until another 7 is drawn. If the thumb master places their thumb on the table, the other players have to as well. The last person to do it has to drink.

8 – Pick a mate. Choose a friend to drink with you.

9 – Categories. Cardholder picks a category and everyone else has to name something from the category. First to repeat an answer or takes longer than 3 seconds, drinks.

10 – Draw again.

Jack – Make a rule. Cardholder makes a rule that everyone has to follow for the rest of the game.

Queen – Questions. Cardholder asks someone a question, that person asks another question and so. First one to break the chain drinks. You are not able to ask a question to the person that asked you.

King – Pour some of your drink into the middle glass.

Ace – Waterfall. Cardholder begins drinking followed by everyone else. When the cardholder stops, the person next to them can stop and so on.

New Rules to Try:

Forehead Master

This is similar to the thumb master rule, but instead you use your forehead. The last person that touches the table with their forehead will have to drink.

Viking Rule

With this rule, the rule maker will make a motion with their hands that look likes horns on a helmet. Everyone else has to start paddling and the last person to do this has to drink.

Non-Dominant Hand

This is where you have to drink with your non-dominant hand. If anyone else in the game sees that you are drinking with your dominant hand, then you have to drink your whole drink on the spot.

T-Rex Arms

When it is your turn to drink, you have to put your elbows at your side. If you don’t do it when you drink, then you will have to drink again.

The Dictator

Lick a card and put it on your forehead. You are able to ignore all other rules for as long as the card is stuck to your forehead.

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