Party Themes Ideas for Your Next King Cup Party

Who doesn't love a great game of Beer Pong, Flip Cup or Kings Cup? A cracking drinking game party will bring all your mates together to compete in inebriated delight. Here is list of a few drinking party theme ideas to get the party started. Why don’t you to try something completely different at your next party!

Throw a Rubik's Cube Party

Every attendee must dress in six different items of clothing, which are each the colour of any of the sides of a rubik’s cube. Each colour may only be used once. The aim is for your guests to trade garments with your other guests, both female and male, until they have an outfit made entirely of only one colour.

Throw a Pirates and Wenches Party

When you put a group of roguish pirates into a pirates and wenches party theme with a large group of giggling, buxom wenches, there can only be one result; fun on the high seas, and lots of booty! This party theme is a great opportunity for everyone to dress up and act the way they’ve always wanted to. After all, who doesn’t dream of being a pirate when they’re a kid? This is an opportunity to live out that swashbuckling fantasy with a group of like-minded people, and let your creative juices flow to create your own costume!

Throw a Gangsters and Flappers Party

Ah, the 1920’s. What a wonderful time to be American, not counting the last couple of years and the Great Depression, and all the gangsters that roamed the era. Instead of going over this period like your history class, we’re just here to celebrate it a bit and enjoy the good sides. Yes, this means Gangters and Flappers. Its time to dress up and meet Al Capone!

Throw a Watch Out For The Paparazzi Party

A Celebrity Scandal party requires good knowledge of the famous and hottest scandals in Hollywood both past and present. If you’re up-to-date with these gossips, then dressing up for a party is no problem. Both male and female celeb in Hollywood never runs out of scandals; it can be drug-related, pregnancies, court hearings and imprisonment.

The Pizza Delivery Guy Deserves to Party Too

Be sure to create big signs and banners, with sprayable silly-string, streamers and noise-makers. Then, call and order some pizza. When the pizza delivery guy arrives, everyone jumps out yelling "surprise!!". For maximum joy, repeat this bit a couple of times with different pizzerias.

Throw a Dungeons and Drag Queens Party

Lots of gender bending, tinsel, prison guards and a karaoke machine.

Throw an Invent Your Own Superhero Party

Must be 100% original with an original back-story.

Throw a Come as You Were Party

All your guests will dress up in what they would have worn in high school, whether they have been a rugby player, a goth or an awkward teen in a Nirvana t-shirt.

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