Why You Need Drinking Cards at Your Next Party

Drinking games have become a highly popular past-time that people love to play at parties and get together’s. There are a variety of drinking games that are funny, entertaining and loads of fun, and some of these popular drinking games include beer pong, spoons, flip cup, kings, stump, quarters, fingers and cheat. These drinking games are played with a variety of different accessories such as ping-pong balls, cups, coins and cards. The most popular types of drinking games are those played with cards, and you will definitely want to get some cards for your next get together.

Why settle for less when you can purchase some of the best cards for drinking games on the market from Drinking Cards. They have two different versions of drinking game cards, which include the Kings Cup Drinking Game, and the Ring of Fire Drinking Game. The Ring of Fire Drinking Game and the Kings Cup Drinking Game include two house cards, which you can utilise to incorporate your own rules into your favourite games as well as custom numbers and suits. These stunning custom cards are certainly more appealing than your regular playing cards and they will most certainly impress your friends.

Besides the fact that these drinking game cards are gorgeously customized and unique; they are also entirely waterproof and washable. These cards are guaranteed to add excitement and action to any party and you won’t need to be concerned about them getting damaged from alcohol spills or accidently leaving them in your jean pockets when you throw them in the wash. These cards are totally waterproof and that means they will last you much longer than standard playing cards. The waterproof quality of the drinking game cards also allows you to experiment with playing underwater; which is something that is sure to get any party going. The rules of the game are also listed on the cards, which means you won’t have any issues if you happen to forget the rules while playing. People often tend to forget the rules after a couple of drinks, and with these drinking game cards; that is an issue you no longer face.

These drinking game cards make the perfect gift for a family member or friend, and they are also the perfect gift for you to give to yourself. Choose to throw a party in style with these waterproof and customized drinking game cards. Free shipping included!

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